Luxury Suites in Corfu Town


Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites represented by Afoi Mesimeri A.E. and having as its object to rent luxury properties in Greece and particularly in Corfu.


The properties are not hotels and they reflect the local conditions and taste of the owners both as regards the architectural style, the interior decoration and furniture.
Information concerning services in the wider area of the location of Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites, originally provided by other offices or sites, is transmitted to the client on an indicative basis. Contessa Bianca takes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information, and do not imply the responsibility of Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites, if relevant descriptions change during the stay of the client.


Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites always confirms your booking by e-mail from our e-mail address info@contessabianca.com .

Payment can be made via bank transfer in Euro.
Bank charges are to be paid by the customer.
50% deposit is required upon confirmation within a week following the booking.
Upon receipt of the payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
If the deposit is not received on time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.
The remaining balance must be paid at least 7 days prior arrival by bank transfer.


If the guest pays the full amount on time, they can receive:
More than 30 days’ notice, we proceed with full refund.
Less than 30 days’ notice there is loss of deposit. In case of non-presentation or of early departure, there will not be reimbursement. Clients are advised to take an insurance to cover any eventual cancellations or early departure. All guests may cancel their reservation free of charge up to 24 hours after their booking is confirmed, provided that the cancellation takes place at least one month before the date of their stay.


The Client should arrive at the date and the hour agreed, in principle after 15.00. In certain case of early arrival the client might be asked to wait until the suite is ready. The Client is requested to conform to these instructions otherwise, Contessa Bianca cannot be held responsible if the property is not available at the time expected.
The hour of departure is, in principle, agreed before 10.00. In particular cases where the timetable of boats or airplanes might create difficulties for an early departure this can be extended for a short period following a specific agreement with Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites. In all other cases late departure will be charged as an extra half of day stay.


Each property has a specific capacity of accommodation of number of persons. Each rental contract is established for a maximum capacity of occupants. This maximum capacity should be respected in all circumstances. Any modification of the number of persons (always within the limits of the maximum number of persons) between the moment of reservation and the date of arrival should be notified by email to Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites. In case that more persons than the number agrees arrive at the property Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites can refuse the entrance of the additional persons or request an additional rent (if the total number does not exceed the maximum allowed by the permit). If additional people enter the property the reservation will be considered as cancelled without any compensation to the Client.


At Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites pets are not allowed.
Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites has the right to refuse the entrance to the property.


If there is a problem or some equipment does not work properly the Client should inform immediately Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites.
Contessa Bianca will provide the property to the Client clean, including all linen. If the Client has remarks on the cleanness of the property he/she should make this remark immediately.
The Client should occupy the property in an appropriate manner, keep it clean, avoid damages to the property, the furniture, the electric appliances and the utensils. During his/her stay the Client is fully responsible for the property. Any damages by the Client will be covered by the security deposit, if the damage is higher that the deposit the Client is liable to further reclamations. In case there is no security deposit the representative of Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites will inform the Client about the costs involved, if any.
Any problems should be brought to the attention of Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites before the date of his/her departure, so that the problem could be taken care immediately.


Clients are always recommended not to travel without insurance. Clients should be covered by their insurance for any accidents to their persons and any other holiday risks. Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites is not and cannot be held responsible for accidents caused due to the negligence and/or lack of attention of the Clients in the grounds of the property.


In cases where Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites is obliged, due to unforeseen circumstances, to cancel the rental of a property, will immediately notify the Client. Contessa Bianca Luxury Suite will propose an alternative with similar characteristics both as regards of maximum occupancy and price.
In cases where it is impossible to provide a property with similar characteristics and if the cancellation takes place less than 30 days before the arrival of the client, Deluxe Maison Management will reimburse the totality of the amount sent by the Client to Deluxe Maison Management.


Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites is not responsible for unforeseen events which it cannot control and which might create obstacles or modify the stay of the Clients.
Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites cannot be held responsible beyond his/her control, such us general electricity or water cut, strikes, floods, etc.
In case of accidents, Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites will make all efforts to proceed to the necessary repairs as soon as possible.
Children are under the exclusive responsibility of their parents and they should never be left alone without surveillance in the property, the stairs, the balconies and the road.
Client shall ensure that use make of internet access complies with all applicable low. And shall hold Contessa Bianca Luxury Suites harmless for any legal consequences of use such internet usage.